Sunday, October 31, 2010

Buddha and Rosie

What a busy summer we had. Some of the clients we added to our roster were summer visitors to the mountains, and we're hoping to see all of them again next year.

Here are two such visitors; Buddha and Rosie.

Couldn't get them to look at the camera, but I like this picture because I think
Buddha's white feet are so cute.

And check out Rosie's sweater. Her "grandma" makes them for her.

Buddha is a handsome boy, and he knows it.

Buddha sharing a kiss with his "sister."

Sometimes they even snuggle together on the doggie bed.

And sometimes they don't. (Check out the laser eyes. And you thought only cats had those.)

Buddha gave me lots of kisses, and Rosie likes to be carried around when we'd go outside. They're both such good dogs, and I really hope I get to see them again next summer.

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