Saturday, December 24, 2011

Mr. Snippers Has New Home

YAY!!!! Mr. Snippers went to his new home this morning. What a great Christmas gift for him and for me. We were worried because the lady who took him has three small dogs. We introduced them to him one at a time, and with each one he went right up to them and loved on them, sniffed them a lot of course, and even rolled over on his back like he wanted to play. I had him at my house last night and he hissed at one of my cats when I tried to introduce them, but he was great with the dogs. I was so amazed and it felt kind of like a sign that this was the right place. (A more detailed write up of the event can be found on my personal blog:

From Mr. Snippers, Mr. Christopher at Salon Zen and me; May you all have a wonderful holiday filled with peace, joy and love.


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